Totseat Travel High Chair


This travel high chair is extremely portable, being nothing more than a cleverly-designed piece of fabric that you can fold up, pop in its own little bag and keep at the bottom of your changing bag or buggy.

It’ll fit on almost any chair that has a back and is surprisingly easy to figure out – the big bit of fabric goes over the back, then between your child’s legs and clips at the back. The waistband is separate, so you just have to make sure you keep it all together. The Totseat is actually able to boast that it is the only product of it’s type to be recognised by the Child Accident Prevention Trust and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The main downside is that it is not a booster seat and obviously does not have a feeding tray, so it’s really for keeping children of 8 – 30 months in place, rather than raising them up to the table.  

However, it’s incredibly reasonable, you can’t beat it for portability and it’s completely machine washable.

KEY FEATURES: Size, weight, price.

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