Sheepskin Baby Comforter


A sheepskin was recommended to us by the lady running our baby classes. She suggested that we buy one ahead of our baby being born and sleep with it in our bed for a while. This was so that it could absorb our smell, so that when baby came along they would be snuggling into something with a familiar aroma.

It worked a treat and we had a sleeper from day one. It also aided the transition out of the Moses basket, as we transferred the sheepskin into the cot, which kept them feeling safe and calm in the bigger environment.

Sheepskin is magical stuff as it is said to be self-cleaning, and research has shown that it helps prevent allergies and breathing issues. It somehow keeps babies cool when it is warm and cosy when it is cold. 

Not enough people seem to be aware of all this, so once you’ve experienced the benefits, be sure to tell every pregnant person you meet about the power of the sheepskin.

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