Philips AVENT SCD603/1 baby monitor parent and baby unit
Philips AVENT SCD603/1 baby monitor, parent unit
Philips AVENT SCD603/1 baby monitor camera

Philips Avent SCD603/1


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For such a top of the range piece of kit, this baby monitor is (currently) a fantastic price. Sound and video quality are all impressive, with the infrared camera transmitting colour in the day and black and white at night.

The video feed is also self-activating, automatically coming on when your baby stirs (you could see this as a positive or negative feature, as it lights up on your bedside table in the middle of the night) and controls on the parent unit allow you to move the camera without going into the room.

It’s big on battery life, with the parent unit boasting an impressive six hours of life before it needs plugging in (video monitors are notorious energy eaters). It also has a very appealing stripped-back smartphone-like design that fits snugly in your pocket as you walk around doing all the jobs you half started when they were awake.

The main downside with this monitor is that it has a more limited range (150m) than its competitors, but unless you live in Downton Abbey, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

KEY FEATURES: Design, battery life.

See lowest price (Amazon)