Phil & Teds Navigator 2




The Phil & Ted’s Navigator 2 is a fantastic all-round buggy and has the crucial bonus of turning into a double if your child acquires a sibling. This is done by adding the second seat below the main one, making the whole thing very compact and not the pavement-width baby tank that springs to mind when you think ‘double buggy’.

At 12.5kg it’s certainly not the lightest, so you may need to encourage some chivalry when faced with a flight of train station steps. However this weight is undetectable when it’s being pushed, and you’ll find yourself wondering if both children are still actually on board as you deftly weave between dawdling shoppers.

Versatility is key to its design, with a staggering 26 different formations that will see you through from newborn to the point at which you live a buggy-free life. When carrying one child, it’s incredibly roomy and a bit like a first-class flight experince, allowing them to lie flat and stretch out, even when you pile the large basket below them full of groceries and nappies. The handle is also very easy to adjust and has multiple positions for parents (and grandparents) of various heights.

On the downside, setting it up feels unnecessarily complex – the instructions are diagrams only, and we found that this video from Phil & Teds was actually more useful. There is also very little cover for your child when lying flat – their head sits directly under the handle, creating a large gap that we had to cover with a blanket.  

It folds up easily, and for something with so much space, goes down to a very nice size, which can be a huge plus if you’re in the city and stuck for space. But it’s not just a city buggy, its three large wheels make it great on all terrain, which really increases your options when you have two little passengers. Another big plus is the Auto-Stop brake (the wire on top of the handle), which is held down when pushing, but activates the brakes when released, instantly stopping the buggy (like an airport luggage trolley).

If you have (or will have) more than one child, the Navigator 2 will carry them both across city and country, adapting to their needs as they grow. It’s a little on the heavy side when lifted, but this is more than made up for by its market-leading versatility.

KEY FEATURES: Versatility.

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