Phil & Teds Wriggle Wrapper


The Phil and Teds Wriggle Wrapper is a revolutionary bit of baby kit that is designed for strapping a little one in to feed – either to a chair or to you – and also (with the addition of an extender strap) serves as a harness to allow you to strap your baby into a bed if your ever find yourself without a cot 

It will see you through from 6 months to 2 years (If you’re using it for sleep it goes from newborn to 24 months) and is very lightweight and compact. It goes down to the size of a small umbrella when not in use.

To use it on your baby, you fold it around like a nappy and then strap them to the chair or a mattress (!) It’s very easy to adjust so it will grow with your child.

The main downside is that for sleeping it can only be used for children who sleep on their backs. A newborn won’t notice this but your strong-willed toddler might have a few objections.

Also, it doesn’t elevate your baby to table height like other travel high chairs and is quite pricey compared to others out there. However, overall, it’s an innovative, very well-made piece of kit that you won’t notice in your bag when you’re on the move and will stop your little mover from going anywhere .

KEY FEATURES: Versatility, lightweight.

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