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The brilliant no+mi London offers a range of beautiful, luxury gifts and gift boxes for new mums and babies, all of which are like a receiving a warm, well-curated hug.

Deliberately marketed for “bumps and beyond”, the boxes are packed with divine treats for mums-to-be, new mums and the new babies. Think cashmere socks, scented candles, delicious healthy snacks for the new mum, along with drinks bottles and heavenly toiletries for labour and afterwards.

For the babies they have everything from well-considered, stylish outfits and swaddles to the loveliest Anne Claire Petit rattles with a FLATOUT super soft bear and luxury toiletries for the new baby thrown in.

Noemie and Millen (no+mi) are the brains behind the brand and have focussed on ethical, environmentally-conscious products from emerging brands which are just too good not to share.

And if you’re looking for a thoughtful single gift rather than a whole box of them, they have this covered too. You will find the most stylish changing bags, gorgeous wraps for babywearing and the loveliest luxury baby quilt. The separates can be bought individually, added to a box of your choice, or even better, No+Mi London offers a fully bespoke concierge service.

We can’t recommend them highly enough, the box we got made us feel like a kid on Christmas morning, finding one ingeniously insightful gift after another in a box that just kept on giving.   

Their whole brand really nails the luxury end of the bump/baby gift market, so if you want to spoil a new mum rotten, you need no+mi London.

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