Mountain Buggy Swift




To give you a bit of background, Mountain Buggy started as a small independent business in New Zealand, making pushchairs for people who didn’t have too many pavements in their vicinity. It has since been bought by fellow New Zealanders Phil and Teds, who have refined the design but kept all the things that made them such distinctive, brilliant buggies. Crucially, they’ve also kept the price down.

The Mountain Buggy Swift lives up to its name in every way. It’s great in snow, sand and, as you would hope, up steep, rocky hillsides. Its large, cushioned tyres and three-wheel design are to thank for its ability to effortlessly eat up terrain, but the whole ‘mountain’ thing is about more than this. It has a very pleasing simplicity that allows you to (and makes you want to) take it anywhere.

It has an extremely easy one-handed folding action that allows you to keep holding the child you’ve just removed from it, and no fiddly, extraneous parts. It goes down to a good compact size that should fit in almost any boot (the 10-inch wheels are the biggest thing about it) and is relatively lightweight at 9.1kg.

The easy-locking front wheel makes it an amazing jogging buggy (it’s incredible how many positive comments you get from walkers as you and your slightly stunned, wind-swept baby zip past), and there’s a great insulated water bottle holder that comes as standard and actually keeps your bottle (or keys) cool.

It does have a cosy carrycot as an extra (Swift & Mini Carrycot Plus from £139), allowing it to be used from birth. This offers three modes: flat, slightly tilted for babies with reflux and a parent-facing seat. When using the regular pushchair seat, the angle can be adjusted with a (slightly retro) adjustable strap that also goes back to a fully reclined position.

The Swift can also be used as part of a travel system, adapting to all of the car seats listed here (including the ever-popular Maxi Cosi Pebble and Cabriofix) as well as Mountain Buggy’s own car seat).

There’s a nice viewing window in the top of the hood that allows you to see their little face or top of their head, just to make sure they’re not up to any mischief. This stays shut with a satisfying magnetic clasp that you may find yourself absent-mindedly playing with.

Two small downsides are that whilst the simplicity of the handle is admirable (it has a fold-up, fold-down action), my husband is 6 foot and feels like he has to stoop slightly to reach it at its highest, so it may not be ideal for anyone taller. The other thing is the storm cover, which attaches with an annoyingly small toggle that can be a bit of a calamity in the event of an actual storm.

However, this is a fantastic buggy that will take you wherever you want to go, and even if you can’t remember the last time you saw a mountain, its versatility, maneuverability, size and price make it the perfect city pushchair too. The Mountain Buggy Swift is our recommendation.

KEY FEATURES: All-rounder, All-terrain.

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