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The Mothercare Travel Cot (imaginatively titled the ‘Mothercare Colour Block’) is the quintessential basic travel cot. It comes at a great price, but also comes with the one main frustration that most people find with traditional travel cots – putting it up and down.

It’s worth talking you through this if you’ve never done it before, because there is one very simple rule to remember that sorts the whole process out instantly; the base of the cot MUST NOT be fully flattened out if you’re wanting to erect or collapse the sides. It is thoroughly counterintuitive, but once you realise this, you can do it with your eyes closed (although not recommended) and be the envy of new parents and grandparents everywhere.

The mattress is quite hard so you may want to purchase an alternative mattress if you’re using it regularly, but it’s worth bearing in mind that young children are so light, they don’t notice such things in the same way adults do.

Design wise it’s no great shakes, with the multi-coloured rim being an obvious attempt to spice it up a little. But design probably isn’t top of your agenda if you’re after something inexpensive that’ll do the job and sit happily in the loft/in the cupboard/at the grandparents’ house until needed.

KEY FEATURES: Price, simplicity.

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