Medela Swing Breast Pump and Bottles


If, like me, you end up in hospital under pressure to feed up your newborn, you may need this sooner than you think.

The Medela Swing was recommended to me by my sister as well as a maternity nurse, and it is incredible. It is easy to use and comfortable, which are the only two things you’re looking for when you’re tired and sore.

Buy a few extra bottles and teats to go with your breast pump to ensure you don’t run short (they tend to go missing in the milieu of baby stuff). Additionally, if you find you produce a lot of milk, and need to store it in the freezer once you’ve expressed it, you’ll need to store it in bags rather than bottles (as you’ll need your bottles).

n.b. hospitals do tend to have their own pumps but they can be hard to come by and they generally don’t provide bottles.

Good luck – breast feeding is not easy (and at times it’ll feel like it’s all you ever do) but don’t give yourself a hard time if your baby isn’t too keen – with all our babies I had to express into a bottle for them to feed from before they got the hang of the boobs.

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