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The LittleLife Arc 2 is a true traveller’s travel cot, designed to ensure that having a child doesn’t ruin the fun of roaming free.  

Weight & size

It is possibly the lightest travel cot on the market, weighing only 2.5 kg, and it (including the foldaway soft mattress) packs away into an incredibly compact rucksack. We took it in our hold baggage on a long haul flight, it’s that small.


Putting it up is achieved via the tried and tested method of tent assembly, with poles that slip between fabric, bend until you think they may break, then slot into little loops at the base. Once it’s up, it’s surprising how roomy it is inside (70cm x 120cm), especially given the size it folds down to.


There are zips at the sides and top, which close and open doors made of failsafe mesh that no mosquito or insect will get through (and if they do, I’d argue that they deserve to). As the mesh doesn’t cut out much light, the sunshade is a bit of a must, which almost acts as a blackout blind for the top of the cot and makes the whole thing even more den-like.


Which brings us onto its dual purpose as a playpen/garden or beach tent. The fact that it has a roof and can be made dark really adds to it’s appeal for those who were born recently, and you’ll be amazed at the jobs you can get done when they’re happily tucked away in their own little world. It can’t be toppled, they’re unable to get out of it themselves (thanks to external-only zips) and the mattress is, whilst thin, very comfy for lightweight little folk.


It’s almost unfair to compare this to the traditional sturdy travel cots, as they’re very different products, arguably with different purposes. If you want something that will act as a proper cot when you need it, then folds away when you don’t, this probably isn’t for you. But If you’re a family that does a lot of travelling, packing light before heading off into the unknown, this is absolutely perfect and will genuinely add to the fun of the adventure for your child.

KEY FEATURES: Weight, size.

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