Lara & Ollie teething jewellery

Buy your new mum pal a pretty necklace and bracelet to start her journey into motherhood. Sore gums won’t be an issue just yet, but she will fall so in love with this thoughtful and insightful gift, she won’t want to take it off.

Her new babe will get used to seeing the jewellery, want to play with it and practice his/her developing motor skills by grabbing it during nappy changes or breast feeds. Then when the time comes for those teeth to push through, her necklace and/or bracelet will come into its own to give instant, chewy relief.  

Lara and Ollie necklaces and bracelets are so well put together, coming in a range of fabulous colours, as well as a monochrome option which will go with everything (and has the added benefit of being perfect for newborn eyes that can only see black and white).

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