Koo-di Pop-up Travel Bassinette



The Koo-di pop-up travel cot is one to be used at the beginning of your baby’s life if you find yourself hopping all over the place to show him/her off to the world. It’s suitable from birth up until they can sit unaided (approx 6 months), at which point it’s time to upgrade to the Little Life Arc 2 if you’re wanting a similarly compact setup.

It’s very comfy and cocoon-like, and our babies slept very well in it. Whilst the mattress is thin, this is largely to enable the whole thing to fold into a 28cm diameter carry bag that weighs just 1kg. This makes it incredibly portable and it is tailor-made for overseas travel and camping with a young baby.

It assembles in next to no time and obviously isn’t a robust cot, but it’s not intended to be. It has a very specific purpose and fits it extremely well, helping travelling parents to minimise the baby bulk and make life with a newborn that little bit easier.

KEY FEATURES: Size, weight, price

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