Dear Zoo, Rod Campbell


This was one of the first ever lift-the-flap books. The premise is that the (health and safety ambivalent) zoo sends you pets you may like, and you send them back because they’re unsuitable. All apart from the final pet who is ‘perfect’ (if you want a puppy in addition to a six month old. I don’t, but that’s not the point).

As a parent, Campbell seems to challenge you to think up whatever noise you can muster for a camel or a giraffe. Elephant, lion, snake, monkey and frog are easy, but how on earth do you depict a camel or a giraffe’s behaviour to a baby?

If you don’t buy this book, you are doing your offspring a cultural disservice. If you do, they will be reading it to their own children in 25-30 years’ time.

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