Bugaboo Bee 3



The Bugaboo Bee 3 is everything you need in a city buggy, allowing you to zip around the streets, hop onto busy busses and nip into crowded shops with relative ease (nothing is 100% easy when you are responsible for a small, helpless human and all their kit).

At 8.7kg, it is small and lightweight enough for it to be carried up and down steps with your child inside, which can be a huge plus if your world isn’t flat. It’s also pretty much unbeatable in terms of maneuverability, with steering an absolute breeze thanks to its weight distribution and small wheels that swivel in the right direction with a twitch of the hand.

As with many pushchairs, you have the option to have your child facing outwards or towards you. The mechanism for making this change is a little tricky, but it’s not something you’ll be doing on a regular basis.

Unfolding it is pretty simple, but it requires a bit of force to get it to lock. Putting it down down does require two hands (unlike the Mountain Buggy Swift), but can be done almost instantly.

We love that the hood covers a good percentage of its passenger when pulled down, so you don’t need to worry about little limbs catching too much sun. The material it’s made from is also pleasingly water-repellant, so if you get caught in a shower without your waterproof cover (which is a little cumbersome in itself), you won’t have a completely soggy baby on your hands.

The price shown includes the carrycot, which gives the option to use it from birth. This is a very solid, cosy piece of kit that is easily removed, so if your baby falls asleep when you’re out and about, you can carry them in without ruining the golden nap-tim2e window.

It is also adaptable to become a travel system – just choose the right car seat adapter and you’re good to to go. This one for the Maxi Cosi is £34.95.  

The Bugaboo Bee 3 is definitely not an off-road buggy. If you’re often away from city terrain, you’ll find yourself getting frustrated rather quickly, as the small wheels really struggle on gravel, rocks and even grass. It also comes at a cost – the whole package will set you back just shy of £750, but they hold their value extremely well, so there’s a chance to get a good chunk of this back by selling it on when you’re done.

If you live in the city, this incredibly well-designed pushchair will be with you for many years and really is worth the investment.

KEY FEATURE: Perfect for city living.

Buy from John Lewis (lowest price)