Boden Cashmere Relaxed Crew Neck Jumper

£139.00 £83.40



There is not a lot you can really treat yourself to fashion wise when pregnant, but the good news is that it’s officially a good idea to indulge in a cashmere piece or two. It will see you through the winter with a few extra layers and will be a great throw-on on a chilly summer day.

Boden have got it so right with their excellent range of simple, soft cashmere ‘investment’ items. This relaxed crew neck jumper is a perfect maternity essential. Don’t forget to go up a few sizes to cover the bump, so if you’re usually a size 12 go for at least a size 16 (you won’t regret getting an 18).

Go for Black if you want it to go with everything, or Citrine and Blue Melange are spot on if you’re in need of a splash of colour in your maternity wardrobe. Of course you could go for all three if you’re really wanting some payback for all the morning sickness.

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