Bloom Alma Papa



This cot is rather unique within the market. If your child will be sleeping in the only spare bedroom, or in a space that you regularly need use of, it is built to be moved from room to room when you need to switch things round.

But a travel cot this is not, It’s completely solid, wooden, and is a really good-looking piece of furniture (even if it weren’t portable it would still make this list on the strength of its design). By simply removing the base and the two struts that support it, the cot becomes foldable. Then you just release the brakes, push it to its new location and reverse the process to put it up. It’s the kind of thing you’ll smugly congratulate yourself on every time you do it.

It can also be turned into a cot bed as your child gets older, with the help of a cot bed rail, but this isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do (the only drawback as far as we’ve experienced).

Bloom also do a lovely Mini version of the Alma (mattress sold separately) which they market as great for grandparents. Again it is pricey, and we’ve found that a travel cot is usually fine at the grandparents’. But if you have particularly style-conscious folks, this is for them.

In conclusion, it will set you back a few pounds, but will also make life infinitely easier if you’re pushed for space.

Key feature: Portability, style.

Buy from John Lewis (lowest price)

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