Babygrows, bodysuits, blankets, muslins and towels


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You can’t go wrong with John Lewis for baby basics that will last. Even if you know the sex of your baby there’s nothing more adorable than a newborn in white. Accessorise with a pink or blue cardigan to avoid awkward gender uncertainty..

Here’s an easy list of the basics you’ll need to get you started:

Babygrows: John Lewis conveniently sell their organic cotton babygrows in packs of five and packs of three (five is a good amount to start with).

Vests: you will want a pack of long sleeved bodysuits for layering on cold winter days and short sleeved bodysuits for keeping your baby warm at night underneath a babygrow.

Scratch mitts and socks: babies are often born with freakishly sharp nails and no idea of the damage they can do to themselves by flailing their arms around. This makes scratch mitts a good idea. The newborn babygrows mentioned above have turn down sleeves which fold over your baby’s hands as scratch mitts, so you only need to get yourself a couple for any clothes that don’t have this function. If, in a moment of post natal crisis, you can’t find the scratch mitts, don’t panic, socks will happily perform the same function. We found that these Boden ones, available in primary colours and pastels, tend not to fall off and make a great new baby gift too (plus they have 30% off at the moment, as mentioned above).  

Hats: most midwives will insist you put a hat on your baby as soon as you give birth. These are adjustable with the little do-rag style knot on the top (and will make your stunned little person look rather funny).

Muslin cloths: you’ll use these for mopping up sick and draping over your shoulder when you wind your baby. Plus on top of your changing mat for soaking up any mid-change accidents. And hundreds of other things. You’ll soon feel lost without a muslin to hand.

Hooded baby towels: it’s definitely handy to get two of these. The built-in hood ensures that your baby’s head gets dry quickly and stays warm while you are drying the rest of their little body.

Blankets: buy at least two blankets. You can’t go wrong with this pack of simple cellular blankets but if you are wanting to indulge (or a generous Grandparent is wanting to splash out) you won’t regret buying this heavenly soft cashmere blanket.

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