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When making a decision on a travel cot, you’ve got to decide whether you’re going to go for a bit of bulk and therefore something that will resemble a proper cot when it’s up, or something very compact that will be more tent-like when assembled. The BabyBjörn Travel Cot Light is probably the most innovative, well-designed example of the former option.

Stand-out features

The most obvious difference between this and a classic travel cot are its sloping sides, which are designed to help you fit it into unlikely nooks and crannies. The other feature that sets it apart (although less obvious) is the fact it comes with a mattress. If you’re unfamiliar with travel cots, this won’t sound like a big deal, but most other models you’ll come across will require you to fashion a mattress out of a folded up duvet or selection of pillows, stuff it into a small fitted sheet and hope your baby doesn’t get trapped down the side of it in the night. The BabyBjörn saves all this fun by having a perfectly-sized, comfy mattress right there at all times.

Easy & Lightweight

It also picks up a load of parent points for being so easy to assemble. You can literally do it with one hand, which, once you’ve tried it, will change your world. It’s only 5kg too, which, if you’ve got your head round the fact that you won’t be able to fit it in your rucksack, is very lightweight for such a sturdy, well-made cot.

Pricey but durable

On the downside, it is rather expensive for a travel cot and you might not feel you want to splurge so much on something that may get thrown around by baggage handlers at the airport. However, it’s very durable, so will see all your babies through from newborn up to age three, and will then still be in good enough condition to pass on to a friend. Or, realistically, keep in the loft for 25 years until your grandchildren are born.

KEY FEATURES: Design, comfort.

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