Top five travel high chairs 2017

If you’re on your first baby, you may not have come across travel high chairs before. Travel high chairs exist because a surprising number of relatives, friends and restaurants don’t think to furnish you with normal high chairs. ‘Not a problem, I’ll put him/her on my knee!’ you may say to yourself. You may do this once before discovering how much fun it is eating Bolognese with a professional wriggler on your knee.

Travel high chairs work in a variety of ingenious ways. The most common is by attaching to a normal chair and acting like a booster seat that simultaneously stops them from going anywhere and gets them right up close to the table.

But, this being the 21st century, that’s not the only type of travel high chair on the menu. The Mountain Buggy Pod proves that there’s a different way of doing things that doesn’t even require a normal chair.

This is the second ingenious aspect of travel high chairs. They all fold down to become innocuous, lightweight little packages that fit snuggly into your buggy or changing bag, or can be slung over your shoulder.
Of course, some do this to a greater degree than others. The Totseat and the Wriggle Wrapper are made entirely of fabric and are the most compact travel high chairs around, while the Chicco is entirely plastic and can therefore only get down to a certain size. Either way, there’s a variety of options in our top five, depending on what you’re looking for from your travel high chair.

In our top five we’ve got a selection that spans a wide price range, includes the best designs on the market and use a variety of methods to fuse child to chair. The one you choose will depend on your budget, how compact you want it and which travel high chair you like the look of.

However all have one thing in common – they’re all are guaranteed to make mealtimes away from home infinitely easier and have you convincing yourself that eating out is just as good as it was pre-baby.