Top five gifts for new mums 2017

When buying gifts for new mums, flowers are a lovely idea, but are next to useless in helping her deal with her major life change. I still remember having our first bub and one of the most thoughtful gifts I received was from a friend who thought of me (as well as the baby) and delivered some lovely toiletries.

Buy her something that shows her you know what she’s going through and that you care. Here are our top five suggestions that your friends will be forever grateful to you for. Baby Daddies take note, there are some hints here – she might be expecting a little bit more than a kiss.

P.S. On the subject of daddies, YOU THE DADDY, an awesome new dad blog by ‘an impatient dad in waiting’ featured our top five gifts for new mums in one of his posts, and even added some brilliant top five gifts for new dads, just so nobody feels left out.